Responsibility: a means to achieve our strategic goals

For a company that's serious about acting responsibly, good intentions are simply not enough. Thales has recognised this for some time, progressively embedding corporate responsibility in all its business processes. 


Acting responsibly is not just the right thing to do — it gives us a competitive edge.

We set ourselves apart from the competition in various ways. We deliver cutting-edge satellite technology, for example, and have a unique set of cybersecurity skills.

But we're also different because we place so much importance on ethical conduct and responsible business practices. Everyone is on board, at every level of the organisation.


« Acting responsibly is part of who we are — and it's critical to our long-term success. »

The Thales corporate responsibility policy serves three main purposes:

  • It sets us apart from the competition by giving customers and shareholders the transparency they demand.
  • It helps us find new ways to innovate.
  • It provides a way to anticipate risks that could damage our business.


The responsibility of being a leader

In a diversified global organisation like Thales, acting responsibly is more than a compelling narrative. It's integral to the notions of security and performance.

As an industry leader, we have a particular responsibility. We believe we need to set an example for all of our stakeholders and partners — investors, customers, suppliers and the community at large.

This sense of responsibility starts at the top and runs through every level of the organisation. It drives all our businesses in 56 countries of operation, because we know it's the key to our future success and failure is not an option!


Our reputation is our most valuable possession

In an interconnected, interdependent world, a company's reputation is critical. So it's not surprising that a company that serves security markets will do everything in its power to be seen as a stable and dependable partner. Acting responsibly is part of who we are, and it's critical to our long-term success.


Recognised as a leader 

  • Our partners and stakeholders regularly praise our performance in the field of ethics and corporate responsibility — and we're proud of the recognition.
  • We are the only French aerospace and defence company to achieve the highest level of reporting under the United Nations Global Compact.
  • Transparency International ranks us among the top 10 worldwide defence companies in its anti-corruption index.
  • Thales was one of the first companies in France to receive official recognition for its sustainable supplier relations policy.


Top Takeaway

Beyond its obligation to comply with laws and standards of ethical conduct, Thales sees corporate responsibility as a key strategic advantage for the business.

Thales Foundation

Innovate for People

As an extension of the Group’s core mission to make the world a safer place, the Thales Foundation aims to draw on Thales’s innovative flair and technology expertise to benefit society in the areas of education and humanitarian crises.



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