From the next-generation cockpit for the i-generation pilot to air/ground smart connections between aircraft and air traffic control systems, airline operations centres and even internet for in-flight entertainment, aircraft connectivity is transforming air transport as we’ve known it over the last few decades.  

Thales is the only player in the marketplace with the expertise in avionics, IFE, support & services, ATM systems  and cybersecurity needed to understand and develop this new ecosystem.

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Key Figures


Worldwide provider of Air Traffic Management (ATM)

< 40%

of the world's aerospace managed by Thales air traffic control centers


worldwide and No.1 in Europe in avionics

Sub Activities

  • ATM
    Air Traffic Management
    With challenges facing the air traffic management sector, and the continuous increase of air traffic, the importance of Air Navigation Service Providers improving air control capacity, efficiency and safety are paramount.
  • Flight Avionics
    Flight Avionics
    We design avionics suites, cockpit displays, human system interfaces, integrated modular avionics, flight management, EFB solutions...
  • Thales InFlyt Experience
    Thales InFlyt Experience
    IFE and connectivity systems and services for a unique passenger experience and airlines revenue generation.
  • Electrical systems
    Electrical Systems
    At Thales, our leading electrical systems provide safe power management, generation, conversion, and optimisation for effective aircraft oversight.
  • Simulator
    Training Solutions Aerospace
    Thales lead the way in worldwide Military and Civil training applications.
  • Navigation Solutions
    Navigation Solutions
    Thales expertise in the navigation and positioning domains feeds a broad range of aviation and space programs...
  • Support & Services
    Thales provides a global range of support and services for avionics in the civil aerospace market, tailored to each customer’s needs.