The Smart Choice for the Connected Airline

Thales InFlyt Experience is a global leader in providing leading-edge connected in-flight entertainment systems and services that enrich the travel experience. We deliver comprehensive solutions that align the passenger experience to the unique needs of each airline's brand, while entertaining, connecting and engaging people before, during and after their flight. No other provider has the people, airline insight and capability gained from such extensive experience in aerospace, aviation, satellite systems and cybersecurity.

Thales’ years of success in the IFE market have provided us with the ability to continuously evolve our products to keep pace with trends in consumer technologies and cultivate a thorough understanding of passenger behaviours, preferences, and expectations.

Our connectivity solutions enable carriers to reach their full potential offering global inflight coverage that supports the demands of passengers and provides airlines access to critical real-time inflight data.

AVANT, our state-of-the-art Android In-Flight Entertainment solution features a highly customizable passenger experience with the latest applications on the market. It is available to all advanced, single and twin aisle Airbus and Boeing aircraft, and has already been selected by many worldwide airlines.

More than 300,000,000 passengers a year across 75 partner airlines use Thales InFlyt Experience solutions.