Comprehensive solutions for Main line rail

Whether you need to revitalise your existing rail infrastructure or build a new line, our rail systems specialists will help ensure you have a safe, high performance network, now and in the future.

Thales provides systems to highly demanding national, regional and international rail networks located on every continent.

Our customers benefit from improved availability, increased capacity, and better predictability and punctuality, resulting in a more appealing overall experience for passengers.

Whether your project is brownfield or greenfield, all our ticketing solutions will be tailored to your specific needs and adapted to your unique situation and the local regulations in your country or region.

Our Offers

Signalling Solutions

Our signalling technologies significantly increase the capacity, safety and security of your main line rail network. Benefit from improved energy efficiency and a more fluid and seamless movement of people and freight.

Communications & Supervision for main line rail

The only way to truly optimise your costs and ensure security is to have fully integrated systems across your entire network. Thales provides high-performance, reliable solutions with proven interfaces.

Fare Collection

Fare collection services and equipment are essential to reducing fraud and ensuring both the safety of your passengers and the security of their financial transactions.